About Anker
about about anker
  Core Beliefs:
  Passion Quality Innovation Reliability Harmony
  What we are
  Anker Co., Ltd is one of the most professional self-inflating product and seam tapes manufacturers in Taiwan. Anker is running by a team of professionals who love the business, pursue the goal of excellence, and meet challenges. We are also engaged in continuous developing and researching products with function, compact, and environment-friendly material. Our business is built upon the idea of contributing amore comfortable and healthy future for humanity.  
  What we do  
  Anker Co., Ltd has its owned factory to produce self-inflating products and seam tapes in Taiwan. Since we have a team of professionals with passion and innovative concepts, our products’ range is from finished goods to material for footwear and apparel industry. In every Anker staff’s mind, we are all well trained with quality oriented concept from purchasing raw material to producing finished goods; that’s why we are proud of providing quality products to make our clients having reliable reputation and winning in the very competitive marketplace where they are in.  

Our visions:

  - To apply the self-inflating technology to produce product for all range of product
  - To become a permanent supplier for international clients.
  - To pursue ultimate customer satisfaction and employee welfare.
  - Our goal is continual growth and everlasting operation of the company.