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  • 1. Why do we use Visco-elastic Memory foam for our pillow and seat cushion?

    Anker's  Visco-elastic memory foam with unique foam formula is ideal for comfort, and the memory foam has unique property that the foam keeps it softness during temperature 5℃ and 35℃; so, users can experience the very stable quality of foam in 4 seasons.

  • 2. Why material do we use?

    1. TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) film is backed on the back
     of fabric. 
    2. PU foam for self-inflating camping mattress and neck support.
    3. Anker's visco-elastic memory foam for seat cushion, back support,
     and adjustable memory foam pillow.
    4. Covers are all made by Polyester and combed cotton fabric.

  • 3. What is Self-inflating product’ feature?

    1. Compact and saving space,
    2. Lightweight,
    3. easy operation,
    4. no electronic device needed.

  • 4. What’s Non-slip bottom?

    The non-slip bottom is PU coated to prevent users slipping from where they sit on and increase the stability of sitting for wheelchair users.  The coated lay is available to wash by hands.

  • 5. What’s 3D mesh fabric?

    The mesh fabric contains 3 layers: top, bottom layers, and one oxford yarn vertically woven in the middle layer. The main purpose of using 3D mesh fabric is to increase air circulation and breathable.