business service
  1. 自動充氣技術研發與應用.
    Developing & researching self-inflating technology.

  2. 專利自動充氣閥及其應用商品.
    Improving air valve function & applying self-inflating product in various field.

  3. 紡織品類特殊材料與週邊商品.
    Manufacturing professional non-solvent tricots, seam tapes,glue film,and other related material for garment,foot-ware and bag industries. Developing environment friendly coating and bonding process.

  4. 研發、代工、加工生產製造自動充氣相關商品.
    In-house design, OEM ,ODM self-inflating products.

  5. 外銷台灣精品、保健用品、運動用品、醫療器材..等國際貿易.
    Directly exporting camping goods, health care, medical products of Taiwan worldwide.

  6. 代理經銷各國保健用品、運動用品、醫療器材..等知名品牌商品國內行銷與企劃.
    Importing & marketing innovative camping goods, health care products domestic market in Taiwan.